This painting is in a series called "Its Hard Loving You Closely".  I felt emotionally exhausted and drained during my third year of residency and I actually ended up needing to take some time off (something I still feel uncomfortable admitting).  Its easy to wish to be compassionate, caring, and empathetic but, in the moment, when our imperfections clash with the imperfections of others, we become frustrated, angry, and exhausted.  I wanted my paintings to be both beautiful and stomach churning, embodying both what I held as an ideal and the challenges I was having in the moment.

-Matthew Wetschler MD

Waves of numbers, words, images, hypotheses, opinions, facts and spray of text, email, fax, page, cell: harsh exposure to a constantly turbulent sea. But shining through, the torched fire of the patient in pain. A story is told and our soul quiets. We, oh so briefly, attend. That moment - real, deep, personal, wrenching, rewarding - pulls us above the waves. Then we are back to navigating the storm.

- Benjamin Robison, DMA, MS4